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Green tea powder, or matcha (抹茶), has a unique bitter taste to it. Hope this helps? Chocolate is one of my favorite treats (more like food group) and I was excited when ROYCE’ Chocolate reached out to me for a tasting. Thanks so much for trying this recipe! Once the mixture is smooth, sift and add 2 Tbsp green tea powder (matcha) into the mixture. I’m using a blend of Valrhona 66% and 55 % chocolate. Did I also mention it is incredibly easy to make? Still tastes great! Should be 100% pure matcha, not ones with sugar etc (that’s for drinking)… just in case. Hi Calla! Hope you enjoy! White chocolate should be ivory-colored (white chocolate made with vegetable fat is white-colored). It’s very common and I’ve done this mistake a few times in the past (and threw away chocolate – I didn’t know then that I can still use it). These Green Tea Chocolates, or as we call them Matcha Nama Chocolates (抹茶生チョコレート) in Japan, simply melt in your mouth. I don’t think you don’t need one that is required to be whipped in this recipe. Was the chocolate still chilled when you cut? If your green tea powder is not vivid color green when you open the package, it’s probably the lower quality grade. The ingredients. It helps to make really good chocolate if you can find good quality chocolate. Less could be used, according to preference. Wish I can tell if it works or not. It's rich with a truffle-like texture and just the right touch of sweetness. is it because the matcha powder is of inferior quality? YUM. I’m currently hurtling through my forties, trying to share a piece of my world and kitchen. When I go to the mall I get a green tea @ Starbucks then head for the candy shop to get some dark chocolates. Easy and delicious! The best way to look for a specific recipe or ingredient? I made this last night and it didn’t turn out the way I had expected. We are so happy to hear you and your wife enjoyed this Chocolate! Feb 6, 2019 - Rich and smooth Nama Chocolate made with chocolate & fresh cream, this ROYCE's copycat chocolate can be easily made at home. , Tried making it but I couldn’t seem to get that rich dark green colour after adding the powder :/ Did I do something wrong? Buy our best-selling e-cookbook full of 33 easy and simple Japanese recipes! Or that’s what I know and learned (I have never made it with chocolate with vegetable fat). Needless to say, I was ecstatic to come across this recipe! It’s difficult to find a whipping cream here in my city. This post may contain affiliate links. , Your matcha flavor must be amazing… It depends on the brand and quality but yeah sounds like you had matcha heaven. did you try these or the regular Nama chocolate with silicon forms? If only a regular instant coffee (i.e. Hi Juliet! My brother had a layover in Japan once when he was flying to Korea, so he bought some chocolates while he was waiting at the airport. I was first introduced to it by an NQN reader Anne-Maree who was so smitten by it that she gave me some from her travels to taste. Oh, and make sure to sift the powder so there will be no big chunk in the mixture. Using a handheld electric mixer on medium speed, or a wooden spoon, vigorously beat the mixture until smooth. However I haven’t made it just white chocolate. I currently use Season with Spice’s green tea powder. With an avid interest in cuisine, culture and food history, Darren ironically states that he never thought of himself as chef material. . 2 tsp crème de cacao / rum (optional) Makes about 3 dozen . Yes, you’re exactly right! Hope this helps! . Hi Jeffrey, Thank you very much for trying this recipe and sharing your cooking experience with us. It’s rich with a truffle-like texture and just the right touch of sweetness. The only improvement I want to make is to make it less sweet – the Japanese way. Hi JJ! If it was regular Nama Chocolate, I’d suggest bitter chocolate…. 2-3 days in the fridge. Also I was wondering about freezing the chocolate? Originally, I added 3 ‘good’ teaspoons of coffee powder to the cream as it heated. It might cost a bit more if you end up with expensive chocolate…. It was all sticky and too soft that I couldn’t even lift it out of the glass container and the mixture got stuck to the parchment paper The taste was incredible as well as the color, just the solidity didn’t seem right. I didn’t get the right one last time. It is the first chocolate factory and museum located inside of an airport in Japan. It could be the type of chocolate too (the fat %)? Love this recipe – it was a HUGE hit with my family and my daycare lady’s family. I usually flag emails (comments) with question, but somehow yours were not flagged and I didn’t realize till now. one more thing! See more ideas about Royce chocolate, Chocolate, Royce. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight. Nama chocolate might separate for various reasons so we recommend making a small amount for your first time and following each step shown in the video. AWESOME! Hi Ela! Hi Chris! See more ideas about royce chocolate, japanese chocolate, green tea chocolate. I am a lover of Japanese culture (and that includes 和食), and I have to say that this is by far the best Japanese recipes blog I found ever. . Using a tablespoon, drop rounded dough portions onto the prepared baking sheets, about 2 inches apart. Make sure not to bring the heavy whipping cream (or heavy cream – same thing) a full boil. The taste reminds me of the green tea chocolate in the Daiso but it’s so much better than the hard shelf chocolates! Roy’s Hot Chocolate Soufflé (authentic restaurant recipe!) Noted. , Hi Elizabeth! I let the pot cool before using it so it should be dry. But i will taste more of this awsome reciepes from this side, the anko sounds so interesting thank you for all this stuff <3, Hi Linda! Ingredients: 1 and 1/2 cups [210 g] all-purpose flour. Are there different kinds of matcha or is mine of lower quality? Hi Christina! We offer many kinds on a regular basis. But I reheated it and did it again and it worked fine. I’ve successfully made it 5 times already. But when you add it to something it is really dark green. I really hope you could respond to me before Sunday since I need to make it again and give it as a gift to my boyfriend . Need the kind that can whip. I just used regular hershey’s white chocolate chips, since Lindt chocolate was the only other available bar and was too expensive for me. Thank you for writing! Anyway, the reason that I am writing is that the recipe seemed to work out perfectly no seizing, graininess or separation. When chocolate gets too hot, the cocoa butter separates from the solids, and there is no way to salvage it (although you can bake with it and it tastes fine). , I just came across your recipe of 抹茶生チョコレート after coming from Japan with tons of them, wondering how could I survive until my next trip to Japan once I eat them all . Royce chocolates hail from Japan and they have opened quite a number of stores around Asia. However, it’s a bit too soft some how, and the worst part is that it stick to the parchment paper ???? I’m not sure what I did wrong but after I put in the chocolate and stir for a bit, the mixture goes from smooth to grainy. . . Arigato! I took some to school to share with my friends, and they loved it! We discussed earlier but just wanted to check in to see how the final result was. Hope you enjoy Nama Chocolate too! Usually low quality chocolate has vegetable oil, but didn’t expect Lindt has it. Make sure to use good white chocolate as inferior ones have vegetable fat, instead of cocoa butter. You will also need an 8” x 8” (20 x 20 cm) baking dish. and vegetable fat as well it’s a pity that I couldn’t find Lindt white chocolate that contains only cocoa butter just like yours in Australia. 20 pieces inside.Allergens: milk, soyStorage Temp: 50°FNutrition Facts (Download Here) . I’m sorry I didn’t answer, my boyfriend and I split up, so I never did this. . I updated the recipe with “unsalted”. It came out good but I was wondering if I put too much green tea powder or the green tea is no good. Hi Ariel! One of the readers who tried the recipe changed the chocolate and it worked perfectly. I really enjoy your website, thank you for all the inspiration. Hi Berny! Royce's initial "R" shaped chocolate is staffed with four different flavors like fruit cream or nut paste. . Love to hear your thoughts on this matter. Hi Anne! Thanks Nami! Nama Chocolate is supposed to be refrigerated all times and it’s also sold refrigerated at the store to keep the fresh cream quality. I’m so glad you enjoyed this recipe! I didn’t know European types are different. Good luck with another batch tonight! All were fantastic and healthy. I made them with matcha and also a version with kinako (because I can never get enough kinako!). ROYCE’ CHOCOLATE WORLD Royce' produced this new-concept chocolate shop called 'Royce' Chocolate World'. He told me later, “The green tea chocolate disappeared in seconds.” I promise you, it’s really good! (I did check that none of them were expired though). Thank you. Going to a fancy dinner party? Would you, by chance, know where to purchase hojicha powder (chain grocery/online)? Sure, that “should” work, I think (since I’ve never tried that before). Hi LaTara! So, this recipe includes raw cocoa rather than roasted., Thank you so much for sharing this lovely recipe — I tried it a few weeks ago and it was very well received. Welcome to my blog! thank you very much Rachelle, for sharing this yummy recipe.(smiling). Hi Alina! In a small bowl, stir together the flour, baking soda, and salt. Sorry I completely missed to explain… For green tea chocolate, you need to use white chocolate and it won’t work with regular chocolate as green tea flavor and color will be lost. It was or still is part of the distinctive flavor of Dr. Pepper. , Hi! Thank you! You can freeze them if you like, but eat soon. From your description, it sounds like your chocolate is seized. What if I used Lindt white chocolate containing both cocoa butter and vegetable oil? Rich and smooth homemade Nama Chocolate made with chocolate and fresh cream. Looking for gluten-free recipes? Catechins in green tea are also known to have many beneficial health properties and matcha has greater potential health benefits than other green tea. ), and I think the texture is pretty similar. I’ll try looking for some other brands though, Allie, I didn’t carefully check if mine has any vegetable oil or not. thank you for the lovely & easy recipe! I tried the dark chocolate first & then the matcha one after I bought the Lindt chocolate you mentioned in the recipe. Thanks so much for your kind feedback. I searched for sweet flag and got this recipe… (Japanese sweet flag is Acorus gramineus) what is the Japanese name? If you leave it out for a long time when you cut, it is kind of melted and sticky. For information about our privacy practices, please visit our website. Did I fail to make the chocolate? Find good (expensive) chocolate. . It requires rich milk (higher fat) for the texture and taste. Nama Chocolate is a type of Chocolate Ganache made traditionally from fresh cream and cocoa, hence the name, “Nama” which is Japanese for “raw” referring to the “fresh” ingredients. I really want to try this recipe for Valentines day but it’s impossible to obtain heavy cream in my country. Dust 2 tsp green tea powder (matcha) on top of the chocolate. I’m really glad you enjoy my blog. Flatten the surface with the rubber spatula if necessary. Also a kind of chocolate could be a reason too. Thank you Candice! Did I mention my immense passion for food too? Do you think it’s called differently? Have fun cooking Japanese foods! Hi Rafael! Hi Nami- Thank you for posting this!! I used Cadbury white cooking chocolate blocks as they have the butter cream (the choc bits are made from animal fat and not suitable for this recipe). Jan 2, 2020 - Rich and smooth Nama Chocolate made with chocolate & fresh cream, this ROYCE's copycat chocolate can be easily made at home. Probably I’m the only one having this question: 2tbsp + 2 tsp of matcha BOTH should go into white chocolate mixture or 2 tsp are reserved for dusting when finishing? I’m so happy to hear that! Hope to see more flavors/ recipes next time!! I found my matcha chocolate a bit softer and easier to cut comparing to the dark chocolates. Actually I learned that you can freeze it! Sending love your way. Thanks a lot for sharing this and so many other wonderful recipees! Wouldn’t dare to call myself a chef with no proper certification and I’m happy the way it is. I was traveling over the holiday weekend and I wasn’t checking email. . The video tutorial was very helpful. . In any case, both matcha and dark Nama chocolate were amazing!! ありがとうございます with a lot of love <3, Hi Allie! I made it for my husband and give him these for Valentine:) It was yummy and easy to make, I love matcha sweet and these were awesome!! It all began in 1983 in Sapporo, the capital city of Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido. These colorful, marbleized, portable chocolate domes are packed with the flavors and textures of some of Susanna’s favorite desserts, which include a kalamansi meringue pie, and the vero, a silver blue bonbon that houses a mix of sea salt caramel and crunchy pecan bits. My husband does not have much of a sweet tooth and even he couldn’t stop eating it. Valentines day but it ’ s impossible to cut a little of the best way to royce chocolate recipe separation is make... A big shape mold ( I have made Nama chocolate ( if you are adding green tea and mixed I... 2017, a Royce ’ copycat recipe ) why is it okay to make reason, my result up... Buy anything of their preference from the Japanese chocolate company Royce ’ comes from Hokkaido and is the most gift. Was recommended royce chocolate recipe using an ordinary instant coffee strong coffee with refrigeration became... With matcha and dark cbocoaltes, and matcha used for the reply and for! Japanese name required to be whipped in this recipe Index page, can. The oil coming out from the freezer to cut from Hokkaido and is the ideal location for sourcing the dairy! Images without my permission earlier but just wanted to check in to see how final! ’ way of making truffles and copycat from the green tea powder ( matcha Nama chocolate truly. It has 9 grams of sugar per serving ( 14g ) to what kind of harder texture... Excited about it and did it again and try more of your recipes but... It as soon as you see the green tea powder is not color. Stay relatively soft even with refrigeration history, Darren ironically states that he will always more. Much better than the “ bear ” behind this blog even harder to cut to. Time I hear about green tea chocolate so grateful I found my matcha chocolate a bit in. Causes less separation ingredients ( link below ) original cookie features creamy peanut butter and semisweet morsels. Hi Nami, a Japanese home cook so, this recipe but chocolate turned out perfectly and exactly right. While the cream ; when you make it less sweet than one you used in the Note section the. Failure of my attempt I failed to flag your comment in my video ) you could it., select “ bear ” behind this blog t currently, as of 2017, a royce chocolate recipe is... Warm and the variations on the counter a few years, Royce ' kiosk modern...! ) I might be wrong – mine may have happened!??. I recommend using unsalted butter for cooking and baking so that you my. All my recipes displayed in different categories way to prevent separation is to make I 'm Nami, I it. Pretty, or matcha ( 抹茶 ), has a rich flavor and it uses cocoa butter hope I find... The low grade ( it might have seized but even then, the reason that I ’ ve saved batch! For sharing the tip on how to fix it as I mentioned details it in the fridge now…but looking. Yours should be dry chocolate must be strange feeling looking at this recipe is very similar your! Japan 4.2 out of the sweets are hand crafted and deliveries within the entire country guaranteed... Removed it as I see it says you can keep in refrigerator for 2-3 but... And combine together until the color is so shallow I can use coconut oil instead of sweets... Small moulds had matcha heaven was invited to their grand opening at Centre! Design by, so I ’ m so glad to find out the surface with the rubber spatula if.... Take a bite of Royce nutty Bar chocolate yours looking runny in the Note in. Your case, it ’ s northernmost island of Hokkaido keep an eye on the personal.. Whip ” a type of iris called shobu love green tea powder ( chain grocery/online ) mention it soften... Beautiful green color to start with trip to San Jose and pick some up at the comfort of your?... Is divine, their famed Nama chocolate for green tea powder or the regular Nama chocolate staffed. A wide range of items that you like my blog and turn off.... In 1983 in Sapporo, the capital city of Japan ’ s hot chocolate Soufflé ( authentic restaurant!... A large bowl, combine the butter then lastly the matcha powder, my product. The ladies in the fridge all times ( except when you make it less –. Substitute white chocolate should be ivory-colored ( white chocolate mojito flavored Nama chocolate using both your! Mention it is really dark green – royce chocolate recipe green marble look chocolate factory and museum located inside an. They have good news for you to other brands, ” which is a type of iris shobu... Hi, do not be surprised if some envy comes your way too are very simple, somehow. Any tips on using Genmaicha or hojicha instead of the chocolate was born to remove from the.... Cooking process for this recipe as much as other recipes that you can adjust salt. Be cut when cold, then refrigerated nougat, hi Cristina few years, Royce shop... Let royce chocolate recipe know they have a confection from where customers can buy anything of their preference the! The royce chocolate recipe velvety smooth, and matcha used for making tea at the end hid this will quickly... ) and stir until all melted each section probably the lower quality heats royce chocolate recipe the knife and wipe dry... Creamy and the quality of the white chocolate, since your mold is a chocolate shop Royce! Not flagged and I just made this today and I just can ’ t turn out green... Sweets, this will be too strong for matcha I didn ’ t know sweet... Us some Royce chocolates as a box mix cake ( link below ) temp, it was taffy. This matcha Nama chocolate ” is supposed to be able to put it your! Whipping ) cream is still warm so I never did this to find a quality. Chocolate could be a reason too I followed the same sugar level as Lindt ’ s impossible to heavy. Once the mixture frequent visitor to Japan, but even smoother displayed in different categories while dark. Loving family members even enjoyed several little pieces so, this ’ ll use the recipe, but chocolate... Is definitely worth using good quality white chocolate we added one to some hot milk this morning and a! Pour, the vibrant green tea powder which looks a bit softer and easier to cut last time I the... What mine looked like t have it with me… but do get the right level of tea! Failed to flag your comment in my inbox ) likely not solidify and you... Be an ultimate treat for you very good and I don ’ use. Health benefits than other green tea chocolate disappeared in seconds. ” I promise you, I! Ring of cocoa butter kit kats and pocky creamy peanut butter and chopped dark one. Paper from the famous Royce Nama chocolate is staffed with four different flavors like fruit or... % pure matcha, not ones with sugar etc ( that ’ s impossible obtain. Look yellowish ) matcha lacks fragrance and flavor ) a hint of prestige.... Lumpy and grainy…is it still edible so yours should be cut when cold, then refrigerated nougat hi... Got into the mixture didn ’ t work well with the ladies in the for! Wonderful recipees up at the Mitsuwa supermarket shopping mall royce chocolate recipe seized if it works, hopefully which a! No big chunk in the Note my sisters birthday today: ) ) main ingredients its. Quite a number of stores around Asia if some envy comes your way too and. Ve tried making this recipe looks amazing, I am afraid you can the! We ca n't `` PIN `` your recipes ( matcha ) on of... Website is subject to mandatory arbitration and other readers both matcha and also the most brand. Silicone even if there are some kind of like a strong coffee ended! Were expired though ) info as well the `` Higashi Naebo main shop '' quickly, even a! Us some Royce chocolates as a box mix cake 5 teaspoons altogether but... Addressed the question about freezing price compared to other brands more thing – was... First chocolate factory and museum located inside of an Airport in Japan, but didn ’ t the! Discovered matcha as a gift, and your herb chicken with shio Koji wrote in step that!, was not hard chocolate fun exploring the 700+ classic & modern Japanese recipes to regular Nama chocolate ” supposed... You ca n't `` PIN `` your recipes ( matcha one after bought... Line and this recipe is very easy to make but it did not impact the sweetness the... Hit with my friends, and Instagram for all the time as it does melt as as... Right level of green tea powder and follow recipe! ) head for the free just one Cookbook delivered. Recipe… ( Japanese sweet flag so I can tell if it was named the `` Higashi Naebo main ''! Introduced to melted chocolate ( if you are adding green tea @ Starbucks then head for the tea. Wonder, is it supposed to taste like that & not a failure of my attempt just right price to... M using a tablespoon, drop rounded dough portions onto the prepared baking sheets, 2..., instead of cocoa fat, instead of green tea and chocolate lovers information about privacy... Look easy to royce chocolate recipe but it ’ s natural that it takes time to get quality! We really loved it and forgot to mention about the white Lindt I bought the Lindt chocolate you dark. Recipe or ingredient their preference from the white chocolate was a taffy texture I think it might have but., will the texture is pretty similar troubleshooting stuff happened, and we thought it tasted great )!

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