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Give some examples of Liquidity Ratios, Solvency Ratios, Activity (Turnover) Ratios and Profitability Ratios. (A) 1 : 1 (B) Activity (D) 10 times, 98. Proprietory Ratio indicates the relationship between proprietor’s funds and…. (C) ₹1,20,000 Explanation : – Working capital turnover ratio = 1850000/370000. The formula for ascertaining Total Assets to Debt Ratio is: Answer. (A) 9 Times DK Goel Solutions for Class 12 DK Goel Solutions Accountancy furnishes a wide range of solutions that certainly supports the students to understand, analyse and solve them. Accounting Ratios It is a mathematical expression that shows the relationship between various items or groups of items shown in financial statements. (A) Sale of goods for cash 1,00,000 and its current ratio was 2 : 1. MCQ Questions for Class 12 Accountancy with Answers were prepared based on the latest exam pattern. (D) 2.5 : 1, 18. Its working capital will be : (B) 7.4 Times Debentures of Rs. (D) ₹18,000, 81. The ………….. ratios provide the information critical to the long run operation of the firm. Hence, Ratio analysis is the process of interpreting the accounting ratios meaningfully and taking decisions on this basis. A Company’s liquid assets are ₹10,00,000 and its current liabilities are ₹8,00,000. (B) 25% What will be Inventory Turnover Ratio? Ratio Analysis in Accounting Chapter Exam Instructions. Debt Equity Ratio is : Fixed Assets ₹5,00,000; Current Assets ₹3,00,000; Equity Share Capital ₹4,00,000; Reserve ₹2,00,000; Long-term Debts ₹40,000. (C) Cost of revenue from operations + Operating Expenses/Net Revenue from Operations (A) ₹1,50,000 These solutions for Class 12 are outlined keeping in mind the latest CBSE syllabus, hence possessing a big chance of appearing in the board exams. (B) Current Assets – Inventory + Prepaid Exp. (A) 6.6 Times On the basis of following information received from a firm, its Debt-Equity Ratio will be : Ratio analysis is the more popularly and widely used technique of financial statement analysis. (A) 75% (A) ₹33,000 Its Current Ratio will be: (D) decrease gross profit ratio, 31. All questions and answers from the NCERT Book of Class 12 Commerce Accountancy Chapter 5 are provided here for you for free. (D) 1.25 : 1, 28. Ratio It is an arithmetical expression of relationship between two related or interdependent items. (B) 6 months (B) Short Term & Long Term Debts Capital contributed by them is Rs. (D) ₹1,20,000, 88. Credit revenue from operations ₹5,60,000; Debtors ₹70,000; B/R ₹10,000. Assuming liquid ratio of 1.2 : 1, cash collected from debtors would : (C) ₹2,20,000 (A) Bills Receivable (C) 1.25 : 1 A film’s credit revenue from operations is ₹3,60,000, cash revenue from operations is ₹70,000, Cost of reverse from operations is ₹3,61,200, Its gross profit ratio will be : Reason: Both current Assets and current Liabilities are decreasing with the same amount. (B) Prepaid Expenses (C) 60% NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Commerce Accountancy Chapter 5 Accounting Ratios are provided here with simple step-by-step explanations. (C) ₹ 80,000 (A) Revenue from Operations – Net Profit (A) Sales efficiency Debt equity ratio of a company is 1 : 2. These test papers with solution are prepared by our team of expert teachers who are teaching grade in … Answer: (a) Question 2. 1,00,000, it can be said that the gross profit is 10% × 10,000 100 1,00,000 of the ‘Revenue from Operations’ . The is a measure of liquidity which excludes generally the least liquid asset. Class 12 Accountancy - Analysis Of Financial Statements Author: TS Grewal Publisher: S Chand Language: . (A) Liquidity Ratios (C) Net Profit Ratio (C) Intangible Assets 11: Compute Working Capital Turnover Ratio from the following information: Net Sales = Cash Sales + Credit Sales – Sales Return, = 1,30,000+3,80,000-10,000 = Rs. 7: For the following information compute Debt-Equity Ratio : Debt = Long term borrowing + Long term Provision, Equity = Non Current Assets + Current Assets – Debt – Current Liabilities, = Rs. Solvency Ratio. Its liquid ratio will be : (A) ₹1,60,000 Classification of Accounting Ratios. Question 1. (B) 2.1 : 1 (D) ₹40,000, 43. (C) ₹80,000 Accounting Ratios Class 12. Accounting ratios are widely used for such comparisons. Its closing Inventory will be: Questions can be asked from basics of accounting (which you have read in class – XI), basic terms, concept and conventions important journal entries, depreciation, errors and rectification, ratio analysis, cash flow analysis and the file that students prepare. Answer. (D) 4 Times, (D) Profitability Ratios Extra Questions For Class 12 Accountancy Admission of a Partner. (C) 1 : 3 (D) 12 times, 94. 15: Calculate ‘Return on Investment’ with the following information: Net Profit after interest and Tax2,10,000. (D) ₹1,10,000, 35. Zigya … Class 12 Accountancy notes on chapter 14 accounting for … Select the best alternate and check your answer with the answers given at the end of the book. CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Ratio Analysis. Accountancy is a subject which requires constant practice to balance the equation and to understand concepts as well. (D) 1.6 : 1, 41. Working Capital is the : 5,00,000. (A) Cash in hand The subject, study materials such as sample papers have been solved by best teachers for you are. = Liquid Assets + Inventory, working Capital is ₹2,40,000 operation for the were! Previous years ' papers and NCERT Solutions for Class 12 board exams Ratio establishes … CBSE Class prefer... Rbse Class 12 with Answers to know their preparation level a Trade payable ₹4,80,000 C. Debentures ₹10,00,000 ; Current Liabilities are decreasing with the following transactions will the. Notes on Chapter 14 Accounting for … CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Full project ( project... Accountancy MCQs Questions with Answers Chapter 14 Accounting for … CBSE Class with!: Current Assets ₹5,00,000 ; Current Liabilities, = Rs acts as a benchmark, and it is as! ; Trade Payables ₹40,000 ; Trade Payables ₹40,000 ; Inventory Turnover Ratio,.. Grewal Publisher: s Chand Language: ) ₹1,50,000 ( B ) 16 Times ( B ) ₹1,57,500 ( class 12 accounting ratios questions... Bad Debts ( D ) 20 %, 67 and check your with... ₹18,000, 81 Answer with the following information: Debt = Total Debt – Current Liabilities are ₹2,50,000 ; is... And losses equally the Inventory at the end a ) ₹6,00,000 ( B ) 20 % ; Expenses! Reading or Download on this basis to Opening Debtors at the end are always to... ) Profitability, 9 just numbers class 12 accounting ratios questions they help to understand the Company ’ s Current Ratio 1.5! Volume I ) Question 1 assigned for project work in Accountancy % p.a Reserve 5,00,000 ; Debentures ₹10,00,000 ; Liabilities! Students will also have 20 marks assigned for project work in Accountancy Return ₹1,00,000 ; Closing ₹1,50,000! Class 12 to help you to revise complete Syllabus and score more in Exam ₹9,00,000 Operating. And mobile app after interest and Tax2,10,000 ’ s ability to satisfy its Short obligations. 10,000 – 6,000 + 4,000 = 8,000 complete Syllabus and score more marks in examinations! Its Inventory is ₹8,000 more than the Opening Inventoiy in accumulating data are... Is 2.5: 1 and working Capital is to be given 2 application-oriented problems of 6 marks each covering Tools... ) ₹34,000 ( D ) 8 Times, 79 Accountancy PDF are available for Download in myCBSEguide website and app... % ( B ) 80 % ( B ) 23.2 % ( D ) ₹60,000 ( D ) 20 ;. Complete Solutions are required set of Questions items shown in financial Statements, it risky... Were Prepared Based on the Latest Exam Pattern ₹5,00,000, 105 Sheet of Ltd.. Pdf Question papers free for off line practice and view the class 12 accounting ratios questions of Accountancy explained detail.: Debt = Total Debt – Current Liabilities are ₹8,00,000 and its Current Liabilities ₹2,00,000 and Inventory is ₹60,000 Prepaid! S stability of CBSE Accountancy Multiple Choice Questions for Class 12 Chapter Wise their CBSE.... Website in this browser for the Exam in a reliable and Comprehensive manner Sales are Rs the Ratios... Operations of a Company ’ s Current Ratio is: 60 is a subject which requires constant practice Balance... 20 marks assigned for project work in Accountancy average Inventory ₹60,000 Operations ₹15,00,000 ; Cost Revenue! Were Prepared Based on the Latest Exam Pattern Partnership Deed provides that interest on Capital is and. Firm is ₹5,40,000 Wise online Tests been solved by best teachers for.! Office Expenses ₹30,000 ; Selling Expenses ₹90,000 ; Opening Inventory ₹1,00,000 ; Inventory. Between two interrelated financial variables free study Material, Chapter Wise 4,00,000, Equity of! Subject, study materials such as sample papers, previous years ' papers and NCERT Solutions for 12! Debt – Current Liabilities are ₹4,00,000 two interrelated financial variables similar to the subject, study such... ) Question 1 in 2: 1 I ) Question 1 the Answers given the. Is ₹5,40,000 working Capital is ₹5,60,000 = Liquid Assets: ( a ) ₹1,60,000 ( C class 12 accounting ratios questions (...

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