Lukewarm Christianity, the topic many can relate too but none want to actually talk about it. You may be wondering what exactly lukewarm Christianity is and to be honest It’s something I had to think and pray on for a few weeks. See we’d all like to think it comes down to multiple reasoning and...
You may be wondering who this Gideon guy is if you haven’t read the book Judges in the Bible. My friend,Gideon is probably one of my favorite people in the Bible and I mean I definitely have too many favorites but he is one of my favorites because he is the one I relate to...
I remember last New Years Eve we were about to go into 2019, I was at a house party and although I was laughing and drinking I was sinking with every sip I took. I was trying so desperately to get a grasp on what I was feeling just now while writing this and for...
I spent all my life watching romantic movies and viewing the portrayals of what I assumed love really was. I remember dreaming of my life like it was going to turn into the movies where my Prince Charming came to rescue me and we ran off happily ever after but that’s not quite how it...
I recently watched a sermon by Sarah Jakes Roberts, WHEWW, she can preach. I was wrecked in the best way possible, it was called ‘Sent Back’ and it had to do with the story of God using Moses even when he was unsure see he was running from what God had for him. He was...
Picture this, an awkward seven year old Carla. All excited to go play with her friends when I hear my dad say, “is that really what you’re going to wear?” and It seems so little right but while he was around he managed to constantly try to “fix” things about me ranging from the way...
I never envisioned myself writing about God, I have not always been a believer of Christ, see I lived in what I like to call a fog of what I truly thought was luck and pure coincidence. Trust me when I tell you It’s not that I call it that to pass judgment It’s that...
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Transformed by His Spirit, seems unreal right? Like It could never actually happen to you? That’s legit how I felt, you are NOT alone in that I actually thought God didn’t care about what I was going through. I grew up never knowing a whole lot about God, I never really knew much about the bible...
My best Friend, MICHAEL KELL, built me this amazing blog site. I really didn’t know what to expect at first, I mean don’t get me wrong the kid has mad skills, but seriously its Michael… Michael is extremely attractive and has THE most amazing personality. His smile is said to be hypnotizing. I almost neglected...

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Transformed by His Spirit
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